Guinness programmer & atmega8

hello guys...

  1. i am using guinness programmer to program my atmega8. i used the default setting of the sotware and the software says that the microController is programmed. But when i use volt meter there is no change in the pins that are used.
    my question is what should be the programming configuration?
    i have completed a project which involves switching individual leds with bluetooth and android.

  2. i am using arduino 0019 as it has good compatibility with atmega8 (serial support)
    if i use the following command

void loop() {
// put your main code here, to run repeatedly:
if (serial.available()){
it gives me error that this command cannot be used as it is an older version.....

what command can i use to make the software listen to the bluetooth?

sorry for a spelling mistake ,,,,, the programmer is Genius g540


sorry for a spelling mistake ... the programmer is Genius g540

Good idea then to go back and modify the heading on your first posting to the correct description. Someone may have particular experience with that device.

We cannot figure out what you mean by "using a voltmeter" - what is it you are expecting to find?

It would seem advisable to use at least version 1.0 of the IDE if you want to use the standard features.

No-one is going to comment on any reason why your code does not work unless you post it in its entirety, using "code" tags [ # ].