GUIslice example, Help

Hello, Ive recently started playing with GUISlice, and after many hours of configuring my display to work (its a MCUfriends copy being used on an ESP32Uno, is not however supported by TFT_eSPI so I had to make my own workarounds) it finally works.

The problem I have now is, I cant figure out how to actuate the gauges.
The examples provided show sliders mapped to gauges, but I just need a basic exapample of analogRead() printed to a guage, just to wrap my head around how it works.

If someone could throw together a snippet for me I would be very greatful.

I dont quite understand weather

gslc_ElemXGaugeUpdate ()

should be written in the .ino or .h produced by the builder.
And i also dont quite understand how

 (	gslc_tsGui * 	pGui, gslc_tsElemRef * 	pElemRef, int16_t 	nVal )

Is supossed to be correctly defined.
Just one working example where nVal is taken from analogRead() would be enough for me to see how one should properly configure the guage elements.

If someone could give me a quick run down I would appreciate it alot.
There is not alot of info avaliable, the walkthrough stops halfway through, and the technical information is very raw and not soo explanitory to someone with limited coding experience.