Guitar Tuning App

Hello, was wondering if someone can help me!

I am building a guitar tuning application, i have managed to get the frequencies of the main notes from musical frequency tables, and it is working perfectly, however, my design is different.

My design is a colourful specrtrum wheel with sectors which display the note. There are 36 sectors, 6 of them change to a full colour when correct note is hit, ie. E will turn the spectrum blue.

I've done this app the long way round, and there are still 5 sectors inbetween each note which i want my arrow to be picking up when it is out of tune. How do i collect those frequencies and split them into 5 sections, to that if you are sharp of E, the dial will turn towards A for example..

Please could someone help.


Please could someone help.

My crystal ball says that line 37 needs to read:

Serial.print("I NEED TO POST MY CODE!");

If that change doesn't work, perhaps it will at least provide a clue.

LOL PaulS!