Gun trigger force sensor

Hello everybody!

I do precision shooting and during training we use a machine that indicates the pressure we apply on the trigger. Since it is super expensive i want to try and build one, i think it's an easy project. My only problem is to find a way to calculate the applied force on the trigger. Which sensor would be the best? I've excluded load cells since they are too big, a FSR is much better because being that thin i can simply glue it on the trigger. My fear is that this kind of sensor isn't accurate enough. I need something that can record an interval of about 5/10 grams and a maximum weight of 600g (~6N).

Thank you in advance

Look for strain gages they come in sizes from large to very small and in general are very reproducible and accurate.


My idea is to put a small film on the trigger to be able to measure finger pressure
Is this feasable with a strain gauge? Doesn’t it measure extentions/compressions?