Gurubot8- a guarding robot that will protect...

he is still in progress and in my lab for saftey. The Story: i got a robotic kit 2 years ago for easter, and when you clap, it will move. that didint meet my standards, so i hacked it and added serious power(arduino). he dosent work cuz the arduino cant drive him yet :P.

Yet, his mission is to protect my prized posission, there is many features he has :D.

the robot kit i got is the robotikits 4in1 robot. the mode he is is spider, but it was better traction, and i build all my robots in that mode(if they dont have tank/treads mode). i like it becouse of the traction and the side-to-side walk movement :).

Here is a picture, more will come soon :P

More Info: the class 2 lazer is coming thext x-mas, its on my x-mas list XD) there is no arduino cuz im deciding where to put the class 1 & 2 lazers. im also deciding where to put the sensors. the arduino wont drive it yet(wats the point of putting it on yet lol) the class 2 lazer is to help my dad and i cut metal plates. the class1 laser scans the room. there is a ultrasonic sensoe too(comming soon) it can hear(with mic supplied in kit) and it has leds, to show, alert, attack, or standby modes.

UPDATE! i decided he is getting a lcd ;D

well, anybody like my project :P

Have you done anything with it yet or just pulled some wires out?


what exactly do you mean, like do you mean make other things with it or what?

but i did salvage a good pc board that can light up a led now :P

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Bump for what? :P

I love this thread...

face to palm connection has been established.

so do you have any code for it yet? any new pictures? i do remember you putting this up a while ago‚Äďany progress?

I wouldn't expect anything.

But then, I won't be laughing when the plastic crab robots come for me, cutting my car open with lasers.

i have to ask, when you say that a class 1 laser will scan your room... how exactly does a laser pointed towards objects in your room tell the arduino where to objects are.... its like pointing a flash light towards an object in a well lit room - completely useless

my newest creation. the laser will tell other RETHRAboards[thats mine >>] to send a code to the main processor[Canhela] to send a message to arduino. no code yet. its been demolished and packed away cuz im working on a little fire alarm panel. but it only takes liek 5 mins to put it together >> and the class 2 lazer does this. | | | |

kno what i mean?


I think this is a joke.

Anyone agree?


what part is a joke?

in essence, the laser thing isnt new and is real - makezine made a vid on how to send messages using lasers... however the project, well... like i said, the thread makes me choke on my coffee wen i read it

... Battery/camera zome = dead battery >_>

it just uses a photosensor and lilypad arduinos to send tol the arduino mega to send to pc to send wireleslly to arduino duemillinove =P