guys I need an idea.

As a hobby of mine I shoot guns and every Christmas we have a Novelty shoot with targets we all make and stuff. I'm sure you get the idea.

But this year I have no idea what to make.

Does anyone have an idea.

The target will be shot at with a low power airgun. We normally use 3mm steel and they last for 20 years and the pellets just bounce off. We are not talking .44 magnums or anything.

I want it to involve an arduino and do something cool when struck...

I have a lot of stuff here like servos and all that fun stuff... I don't mind getting more and all that. Let your mind go wild.

Bank logos?

"Wackamole" game? I mean with an Arduino popping up targets that have to be hit before they disappear.

I like the bank logo idea. Paint a large bank onto some plywood and cut a recatngular hole in the middle. Glue the logos onto some small sign posts that rotate in and out of the small window. Shoot the logos when they appear in the window. Use the Arduino to control the motor.

Hmmm… a robot that defends itself ? ]:smiley:

It probably will be too late for christmas, programming probably is difficult, but you’ll certainly steal the show if the target could detect and “kill” someone with a laserbeam before… it is shot itself.

Hmmm.... a robot that defends itself ?

Yes... wimpy target gets hit, tank turret rises up and swivels round.

Use a wave shield and play insults or good/bad music when targets are hit or missed.

You could use regular and continous rotation servos to make spinning and waving types of displays when a target is hit. You need to make a target that will make a button type of action when hit (maybe a pivioting target that moves to touch a wire when hit, etc.). Servos could also be used to make the targets move up/down, back/fourth and rotated front/side as desired.

you could probably use a trio of pressure sensors on a metal target.

then not only triangulate where the pellet hit for scoring, but you can also track rate of fire.

If you can electronically detect when a target is hit, a game of good-cop /bad-cop might be nice as well.

Make a number of targets, add 2 light to each target, for example red and green, and keep changing the lights randomly. Each target hit when it's green costs 2 points, each one hit when it's red gives you a point. slowly increase the speed of changing lights over the evening and the last one still having points is winner.