Guys what do you think of Pi-bot?

I am looking for a robot kit, entry level or intermediate. I found Pi-bot (and it's officially available in my country). So has anyone used it here? How's your experience with parts and manuals etc? Can it do everything an Uno can do? (I mean how similar/different it is to Arduino)

I have one more question, can I add WiFi controller like ESP8266 to Pi Bot?

link -

or else you have any other recommendation? Budget $100 - $120.

Thank you!

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OK, as much as can be determined from the very poor documentation on the site - of what it is actually composed - the illustration

indicates that it is in fact, a stock-standard UNO with various modules fitted.

Presuming that it contains a genuine Arduino UNO, the price of US$99 seems reasonable (except for possible additional shipping charges).

The Heath-Robinson arrangement of breadboards and jumpers is certainly flexible and - an interesting approach shall we say!

Given the usual problems with power supply in regard to adding an ESP8266, that should be perfectly fine.

or else you have any other recommendation? Budget $100 - $120

An old project that consisted of an arduino, a w5100 ethernet shield, and a Netgear WGR614 wireless router.

Looks nice. Yes you could add a WiFi module or shield..

However as i can see it doesn't use an Arduino Uno board but instead it uses a STEM Board which i guess is an Arduino compatbile board !!!!

Here's an under-$50 Robot Kit with most of the same components and very extensive How-To pages.


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What terryking228 suggested is certainly a better value of money...