GxEPD2 using the writeImage method with ACe screen

I'm currently working with the Waveshare 5.65" 7-color screen (GxEPD2_565c) - and I'm attempting to write a bitmap to it row-by-row using the writeImage method from GxEPD2. However, the screen will always remain blank. I have verified that the screen and setup do work with other methods by using other examples from the GxEPD2 repo.
I've also verified the code with a BW screen and writeImage works fine on that.

I wondered if there is a known limitation with updating this kind of screen this way?

Yes, there is. The controller of this display doesn't support partial window addressing.
Paged drawing with buffered drawing needs to use a special handling to use this screen.
The driver class has a method

    void setPaged(); // for GxEPD2_154c and GxEPD2_565c paged workaround

for this, and code for use e.g. in writeImage().

I suggest you use buffered drawing with this display for examples like GxEPD2_WiFi_Example.ino


I see now. I got it working with the buffered drawing example. Thanks for your help.

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