GxEPD2 Waveshare 12.48 b/w/r 1304x984 / ZinggJM

This really for ZinggJM

Hello I've just bought a Waveshare 12.48 b/w/r 1304x984 and would like to run it using Chris Mullins GxEPD2 adaption epaper_templates.

As this version of panel is not yet supported in GxEPD2 I was wondering if I lent it to you (as I also live in Switzerland), would you be willing to create a library for it?


@Ians, Hi Ian,

looks like you have misunderstood something. E.g. my remark in the README.md.

I admit I do all this out of interest in learning new things. So I can be tempted by an offer.

But I am also like a squirrel, collecting things that interest me. AliEpress takes profit of this.

I have no interest in an e-paper lent to me, this would result in unpaid work only. Where is the fun?

And I want to be able to support the e-paper displays that are supported by my library. I need to be able to re-test.


Hey Jean-Marc,

Yes I did understand your remark, unfortunately this one's a bit expensive for me to donate.

As I live in the area I just wondered if lending would be an option.

Thanks anyway for replying.


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