GY-HRTM203 humidity/temp sensor ... I can't make sense of the data sheet.

Could someone please explain to me how to wire this sensor to get meaningful results?

Chinese original?

Translated fail:

Thank you very much!

Turns out all I needed was a 220 ohm resistor to make a voltage divider and then everything worked. Sorry if that doesn't make sense. If you are working with this sensor, write to me and I'll explain it.

otherwise can you post a diagram? paper & pencil sketch is ok..

Arduino 5V to board 5V board RTemp to A4 and to 220ohm resistor to GND board GND to 47uF capacitor (- terminal), 100k resistor, and then to GND board Humidity to 47uF capacitor (+ terminal), 100k resistor, and then A3.

I didn't understand that Rtemp was resistance out and should be read like a voltage divider (

The biggest challenge will be calibrating the sensor once you've got it wired together.

Any suggestions?

just measure return values for calibrated temperatures and use these measurements to make a mapping function. This is not too difficult with multimap().

See - -

Convenient. I need a calibrated humidity / temperature sensor in order to figure out this sensor.

DS18B20 are quite as reference in temperature. How precise do you want ?

Humidity is more difficult to measure but I am quite happy with my DHT22 for that

You can also use multiple devices that you have at home (neighbours etc) and average them

Yes, thanks. I wasn't struggling with that part :)