gy521 mpu6050 wierd failure..?

hi guys,

I was playing with gy521 for about month, measuring accelerations for hours every day..

now I just realised that X and Y accelerations are always maximal, only Z acceleration is changing (where there is "no" movement, it is still changing a little) but X and Y are constant numbers).

to be sure that the code is ok, I replaced old gy521 (one month old) with a new one - now, all 3 values (x,y and z) are changing (as expected).

it looks like gy521 failed after a month (X and Y axis acceleration measurements) but Z works..

this is something I would never expect - I would think that it is either working or not working at all (like chip device).

is it common to have some failure on the chip like mpu6050 but not on whole chip, but on some part?

or is it a failure of some attached electronic on gy521 board which is affecting just X and Y acceleration measurements?

anybody had the same experience?

Z axis acceleration measurements works, temperature measurement works, i2c works of course..

but X and Y are the same numbers (when moving/ not moving)

second GY521 works good for all X,Y and Z measurements :confused: