I am new to the Arduino. I have been studying extensively for the last month. I would like for someone to tell me which Gyro/Accelerator board I need and does it need to have a magnetometer. I am prototyping a system that will automatically level the camper on the back of my pickup truck. the camper has 4 12 volt electric jacks. The tilt would be slow and I can't imagine a situation where the beginning point would be more than 25 degrees off level at most. I have read all 38 pages of posts that Lauszus was so kind to post.

If you just want to level the bed of a camper, you don't really need gyros or a magnetometer.

A 3-axis accelerometer would be all you need. Depending on how precisely you need to level the camper, I'd think the $3 MPU6050 would work fine.

The MPU6050 includes a 3-axis gyro but you can ignore the gyro data and just use the accelerometer data.

Someone might have a better suggestion. I've read accelerometers don't make the best inclinometers but I'm not sure why not.

Thank you for the reply. I looked at inclinometers, holy cow they are expensive. I think I will stick with teh gyro/accelerometers. Still looking for which one would best fit my application though.