Gyro/Accelerometer Suggestion

I am developing a project that will record a person's body motion and therefore I am trying to determine the best gyro/accelerometer that would be able to talk with my Arduino Nano v3.0 without consuming more than 3V@1.0mA. Also, my restrains for my overall size of my project is 2"x2"x1/2".

These two below are the ones that I am considering.Those whom have experience with these components please inform of a better deal than what is here or if these would be the best. Also, does anyone know where the datasheet is for the GY-521-MPU6050?

You might be able to find these boards from other Chinese sellers (eBay, etc.) slightly cheaper. Don't expect to be able to buy the chip yourself any cheaper; Newark lists it at $38 quantity 1, or $34/ea quantity 100.

Datasheet is linked from Sparkfun's product page. MPU-6050 is 3.9ma @ 3V with gyroscope enabled. has a really good search engine for ICs and places to buy them, and thus also the datasheets. Just FYI for the future.