Gyro mouse to joystick

Hello there! I am an airsoft player and have like 15 rifles... I was thinking on put an Arduino board with gyro, bluetooth, joysticks and buttons but i am a real noob on this world haha if some of you guide me to do It i promiss send one of my rifles finished for free with delivery included! Maybe teensy will be cheapest? Thanks un advance!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

What is it that you want the arduino to do?

Do a google search for ARDUINO TURRET !

Lots of fun !

My attempt just tracked the cats and shone a laser in random patterns in front of them.

I just want to play games like as gyroscope mouse and put bluetooth and like 8 buttons and 2 joysticks like the config of a Gamepad and if its posible to pair with android too for android games, thanks you guys!!

OK the scope (pun intended) changed a lot there.

Now you need a little more gear.
For which some form of reference might be needed from you ?

Explain "android games" in terms of what you want to do, as right now I have you pointing an airsoft gun at a piddly little screen of a phone shouting PEW PEW PEW.

Or something like THIS

Like the last want, moving the rifle and moving the mouse hahaha and want to read as genรฉrico Gamepad to just plug&play

I want to build like an generic bluetooth Gamepad into a rifle at the cheapest way possible without have to buy and dismount one i wanna buy the parts and do for my self. Some games uses the gyro of the phone but anothers no, so is there any way to built a gyro for Windows but android too into my rifle?
And that turret sounds pretty well muhahahah

From what I am able to glean from you so far you needs a 6 DOF sensor, Bluetooth, a few buttons and you are going to pop that into an airsoft gun or mount some form of POD on the gun.

Not a hard task at all really.

But seeing as its exceptionally clear you โ€œaint got a clueโ€ LOL โ€ฆ May I suggest in all honesty that you grab a starter kit off of Ebay or Amazon first and just get to grips with some simpler projects first.

Something along this line

Either that Or just grab a very cheap BT controller with gyro and tear it down to add into your gun.

Can u recomend any parts to start triying with my first rifle please? Coz its open and waiting for the boards hahahah

Arduino UNO
MPU 6050 sensor gyro
HC-06 bluetooth module
Joystick 2x
Buttons 20x
Baterry holder

Is this compatible?
And It Will read on Windows, Android and iOS as generic Gamepad?

Can i put one botton to change bettwen mouse and Air mouse too without make my Friends intall any Codes? Just pair with the phone bluetooth an play... Will be awesome!! Thanks in advance!

Maybe Will be better implement an USB wireless 2.4ghz? That only need to plug a USB on pc or in a otg for android like the Air mouse?

I am still of the opinion that you need to get to grips with some basics first before leaping off to what could be a slightly advanced project.

Why do you need so many buttons
Thats a lot of interfacing even if you use resistor dividers to reduce the amount of pins you require

Also how long do you want the battery to last for a session as that will define the type of battery's you can select from.

I have a gyro mouse, can i add a aode for if i press one boton change from gyro mouse to gyro joystick? I know using atmel flip to convert into gyro joystick but maybe It will delete the ither frimware for gyro mouse. Or maybe doing the frimware to gyro joystick and use any boton to change the gyro joystick to gyro mouse?
Example of gyro to joystick:

Thanks you in advance!!

Hi! I have a Leonardo Gamepad with Gyroscope but It automatic moves mouse to bottom slowly, any way to make stable? Maybe any new code for games? Tyyy :slight_smile:

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