Gyro - MPU6050 with Processing, rotation issues

So, here's my setup.

Everything works fine to a certain point.
But I'm having problems with rotation.
It doesn't continuously spin around as I rotate the gyro.

It's "snappy". Any ideas ?

Sorry but as many other helpers I don't spend time digging down in such stuff, searching for data. Post the useful information here.

The gyro is not as a classical gyroscope. It does not return the angle of the sensor.

It measure the rate of the turn. I was corrected a few weeks ago here: How to calculate the angle from sparkfun lsm9ds1 IMU sensor ?

I appreciate the input.
After further debugging, it appears the sensor is unable to operate as a 360 degree gyro.

It takes 30 seconds to assemble,
And the price is lower than $9.

Hope this helps.

I'm sorry, but that is not correct. You can turn the sensor in every directions and turn it as many times as you want. Any rotation and any angle will work. Both the accelerometer and the gyro are full 3D sensors with working X, Y and X axis.

Do you think that there is an other sensor out there that can do 360 degree gyro ? They are all the same, they all do full 3D with X, Y and Z axis.

It is possible that your sensor is fake or broken.

The code posted in the link is utter nonsense, which you cut and paste from somewhere else, and cannot work correctly. It does not even use the rate gyro sensor component. Look elsewhere for MPU-6050 code that actually works.

I was browsing some codes today and came across the same one.

A sigh of disappointment followed lol

I don't like the tangential factors for the data either.
It works perfectly for one direction alone.
It's likely recursive because i get a lot of "interference" when adding multiple axes.
I appreciate your input. Maybe i need to write my own code

I was able to get it to read from 0 to 360
Then from -360 to 360.

But only one axis works properly.

If i can get this to work, a navball can be limitless :slight_smile:

Read about gimbal lock to learn why 3D angles cannot be used to represent continuous, 360 degree rotations about an arbitrary axis.

Quaternions are now used to represent 3D orientations, as they do not have this problem.

The MPU-6050 is fine for measuring tilt angles away from the vertical. Here is the correct way to do that.

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