gyro problem of 5 dof imu


i am currently using 5 dof imu form sparkfun. i am having some trouble with the gyroscope on the 5 dof imu. when using analogRead(), the raw value i got is a constant and the reading does not change according to my movement. Anyone know what might be the problem ? Any help is greatly appreciated ! :D

cheers, Jia Liang

Anyone know what might be the problem ?

Without seeing your sketch, wiring or results, unlikely.

The sketch is here

For the program, i just read the value and display them on serial com. The value i got is something like 11, -2 (i dun really recall but it never got over 20 i guess)and etc and whenever i AnalogRead() i always got that same value.

im pretty sure that by "sketch" he meant you should post your code.