I bought

The back of the breakout board has

VREF X (X4) Y (X4) GND 3.3V

HP PD ST X (X1) Y (X1)

Now i know to hook 3.3 to the 3.3 on the arduino and gnd to ground.

But past that I am not sure what they do? Can I just use one of the x's and one of the y's and put them into analog reads?

I just want to be able to tell what angle my car on.

Hi there! Your gyro seems to be analog one so you can just connect its outputs to analog Arduino's inputs. But it is not the issue - what about code and all the rest (indicator, display, etc.)?

Destined: I just want to be able to tell what angle my car on.

You should have bought an accelerometer which, when the car is stationary, would tell you what direction is "down" (due to gravity). Your gyro will only tell you when your car is changing its angle and will not provide any reference as to what "level" is. Putting that another way, after you've driven on too steep of a hill the gyro will very accurately tell you at how many degrees per second your car is rolling.

Absolutely agree.

Gyro gives purely dynamic data. No angular motion - no data. (No money - no honey.) )) But. Accelerometer gives BOTH dynamic and static data (during your driving), so these two entries will interfere each other in severely dramatical manner. To avoid this you should use BOTH GYRO AND ACCEL which will complement each other's data in special soft in order to give your true angular position in any case - whether your car is in motion or not.

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