Gyroscope/accelerometer and transmitter advice

Hi all,
I'm posting here for have an advice from someone who know this modules.

I'm looking for an 3 axis gyroscope + 3 axis accelerometer IC with a good library. But i don't know how much are precise and response time of this modules and if there is better ones or are all similar.

Also I want to ask how can I communicate with arduino using a smartphone. I see different modules 2.4ghz RF, but they are compatible with smartphones wifi standards? Or i can use only wifi?

Thank you!

Another thing to be aware of with accelerometers and gyro's is the measurement
range, for instance accelerometer might have +/-2g range or +/-8g, and gyros
vary with maximum rotation rate.

WiFi is a full networking standard, if a module doesn't mention WiFi it won't be
WiFi, since this is a major selling point. WiFi uses advanced spread-spectrum
technology, simple 2.4GHz transceiver modules are typically single carrier FM
(often with configurable parameters) and ZigBee modules use the IEEE 802.15.4

Smartphones tend to have BT and WiFi.

But, is a 2.4ghz RF module compatibile with a wifi of a smartphone?

Esp8266 (although I've been ripped off with the cheap ebay seller$) 2 modules never arrived!

Still upset over it...

Anyway, the esp8266 is around 5 bucks, communicates over UART and allows you to communicate over WIFI.

mpu6050 is cheap, common and a lot of libraries...its used in quadcopters quite often so its stable.

if you are good @ reading code, check out the multiwii project @

supports a ton of them to give you direction to other common used modules.

as for smartphone...I used bluetooth to serial..don't know much about wifi :slight_smile: