Gyroscope and Accelerometer filtering

Hello guys. I'm trying to build two projects that use input from gyro and accelerometer.

The first one is a self balancing robot and the second is a quad-copter.

Both acc and gyro have internal filtering. Low-pass filter, High-pass filter and base-pass filter.

My question is, which one should a choose for each project?

I think that for the self balancing robot I should choose a high-pass filter, since I expect low frequency noise coming from it. And if I'm right, which cut off frequency should I choose?

Acc: - 8 low-pass filters: 10, 20, 40, 75, 150, 300, 600, 1200 Hz (no dig. Filter) - 1 high-pass-filter: 1 Hz - 1 band-pass-filter: 0.2 – 300 Hz

Gyro: Low-Pass filter: 256Hz, 188Hz, 98Hz, 42Hz, 20Hz, 10Hz, 5Hz

And for the quadrotor, which type of filter should I choose? My thinking is that high frequency noise will come from it, so I should choose a low-pass filter.

Is that correct? I'm new to noise filtering so I'm a bit lost.

Can anyone help me? Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Thank you!

The decision on filter types is more related to the control loops you are going to use.. ask the guys on this thread:,58048.0/topicseen.html