H-bridge and voltage regulator problems

Hi, I'm using a L293D H-bridge to control two 3v motors, and controlling this with arduino. To power the motors I'm using a Lm7805 5v voltage regulator to power the motors (them work good in 5v). The problem is that when I use the h-bridge with an external power, it works really good, but when I power it with the same 9v battery used to control the arduino (while this is powering the arduino), they don't work (of course, regulating the voltage with Lm7805). I can see that them try to move, but they can't.

Can somebody help me? Thanks!

Can somebody help me? Thanks!

Sure. What's you problem with the forum?

If you are having a forum problem, you are in the right place.

If you are having a hardware or software problem, you are not.

Lol best repost in the right place :-[ does your arduino stay on when the motors start to try and move? you could be shorting out your h-bridge and using all of the one amp from your regulator.