H Bridge Driver

Hi Folks,

Trying to decide on an Hbridge fet driver and have a couple questions. i have it narrowed to three choices. They will be driving 2 n-fets (fpq50n06) per leg. using PWM.

My question is what are the main differences between these two?

http://www.intersil.com/content/dam/Intersil/documents/hip4/hip4081a.pdf http://www.intersil.com/content/dam/Intersil/documents/isl8/isl83204a.pdf

Its seems like either would work for me. Is there something i am overlooking that would make one a better choice than the other?

also http://www.intersil.com/content/dam/Intersil/documents/isl8/isl83202.pdf

is quite a bit cheaper, it does not have its own charge pump for the bootstrap capacitor but has a disable that recharges the bootstrap when turned low. Can someone explain what this means? Will it function the same way?

The charge pump on the HIP4081 means you can leave the high side switches on indefinitely, most H-bridge drivers don't let you do this so you have to limit the PWM to 95% or something like that.

With 2 FETs per leg be sure to use gate resistors to prevent parasitics.

Thanks mark, so the first two (hip4081, isl38204) both seem to have a charge pump. Aside from max voltage it seems they are fairly similar.

i wonder why the radically different product names?

makes me think i'm missing something..

HIP = Harris Semiconductor ISL = Intersil.

Intersil at some point bought Harris I guess...