H-bridge help (HIP4082IP)

I have not used an H-bridge before, but I have read up on them. I already have two HIP4082IP made by Intersil H-bridges. DataSheet found on this page: http://www.datasheet4u.com/html/H/I/P/HIP4082IP_IntersilCorporation.pdf.html (Click "Locate Datasheet", .pdf but only ~83KB)

Can someone help me with what the wiring is for this thing?

What is "BHB, AHB"? Enable?

What is "BHB, AHB"? Enable?

AHB is the pin to put in the high voltage, AHS is the pin to put the low voltage that the output AHO will switch between.

As to enable it is not in the data sheet at all. There is a Disable which when it has a logic zero on it removes any drive. That is AHO is left not connected to either AHB or AHS.

Things starting with B like BHB are the same but refer to the other half H-Bridge circuit in the chip.

Note that data sheet assumes you are using external FETs as well as this chip to drive your motor. It doesn't look like the easest chip for a beginner to get to grips with.

Hope that helps.

That definitely helped, thank you.

Yes I have noticed this is not the easiest to start with. I may just pick up some SN754410 by TI then I can follow the tut on the arduino playground. Of course it means dropping more money on the two products and the shipping that I don't have lol. Ah well. Anyway.

Thank you once again for your help.