H bridge substitute?

i was woundering if i could interface with this h bridge:


with the arduino, it looks ok, and sais it has pwm and bi direction support ( on the data sheet ) . Has anybody used this, or maybe cna point me on how to hook it up to the arduino?

please reply quickly, becuase parts are being ordered tonight, with or without the h bridges...

thanks in advance! Big1 + 92

You've got a better chance of getting help if you link to a datasheet for the part. People (i.e. me) are lazy, and they are doing you a favour, so make it as easy as possible for them!


sorry lol thats the sheet

From the datasheet it looks like the A3952SB IS an H bridge IC :-)

do all h bridge ic's work the same?

oh yea, i already ordered,so unfortunitly i will have to get it with my next shipment of stuff ( lol i order stuff about every 2 weeks )