H-Bridge using relays and Transistors

Hello All,
I am new to Micro-controllers and am trying to create a circuit for a linear actuator that will eventually be actuated by a timer. The timer being a user interface that will mod the IC program to actuate at an exact hour of the day to extend the actuator and then retract it a time period later. I have read multiple threads but none incorporate the H-Bridge with relays with transistors. I am open to any and all help and advice as to how I can make the circuit better or more efficient. I am still learning how the code will look, but would like advice as to the circuit. The Schematic is attached below.

Linear actuator draws 1.5A max and full cycle is about 40 seconds with internal cutouts at full extend/retract
Arduino Uno
SainSmart 4 relay module, Relays draw 15-20mA from the driver
Transistors are 2N3904

The system will eventually be powered by a 12V battery maintained by a 5W solar panel/controller.

Thanks in advance for any input or suggestions.

Arduino circuit.pdf (43.6 KB)

Here is an approach (attached.)
It doesn’t show the relay coils, just the contacts/switches.

You could use a small-signal transistor, perhaps, with no load on the actuator., for test purpose till you get a Darlington [OK] or a logic-level (emphasis) MOSFET [Best].


You only need a single DPDT relay (break before make) to switch direction for
a motor.
Basic connection like this: