H-Bridge vs Dual Half Bridge

Hi all,

I've done quite a lot of work and projects with h-bridges for bi-directional motor control, but have just read something about 'dual half-bridges'.

I appreciate what a half bridge is, but surely - combining the outputs of two half bridges for birectional control is simply an h-bridge is it not. Am I missing something entirely, or is the term dual half bridge interchangable with h-bridge?


Interchangeable: 1 H-bridge = 2 half-H-bridges.

Half an H-bridge is just a high-current driver stage - connecting two of them is what makes the bridge, but the name "half-H-bridge" has stuck. For 3-phase drive you need 3 half-H-bridges for instance, so its useful to count them (6 half-H-bridges can make 3 h-bridges, or 2 3-phase bridges).

I thought that must have been the case - cheers!