h bridge with pwm

hello, i want your help, i create this schematic with this relay,but i would like put pwm for the motor.please tell me where i put the pwm?
this is the schematic

Sorry you can't add PWM to that circuit. You need to control the motor with a transistor or FET to apply PWM.

i can create this,but i dont know how to. look this: this is an h bridge with relay and pwm http://abottravel.blogspot.gr/2011/02/h-bridge-based-on-relays.html

this is an h bridge with relay and pwm

No, it is relay defining the direction and a transistor doing the PWM bit. All you have with your circuit is a relay controlling the on and off. If you replace your motor control with a transistor and apply PWM to that you can throw away the relay.

How about disconnecting K2_14 and K4_11 from GND and then running them through a MOSFET (N-ch) to GND [viz. Common Source], modulating the Gate with PWM ?

OK: This requires the addition of a full-wave bridge (with the common cathodes terminal[+] to +24, the common anodes terminal[-] to GND, and then put the "AC" pins to the motor, 1 each to either electrode).

Here’s a picture of how I mean (attached)


yes but i must put two thiristor. one for the two relays and one for two relays. yes or no?

You don't need any thiristors they are only for AC.