HABS project

hi everyone !

remember that old HABS project ???? HABS (Halfluck Automated Brewing System).... i'm about to revive it !.... :slight_smile:

those last days, i've been coding like crazy to make a I2C 20x4 display work on this project...... and it seems to be working fine yet.....

for those of you who are interrested, just let me know.......

bye for now


hi again !

once again, those few last days were pretty prolific for me, I came up with something very very descent. tinny little bugs were fixed and I'm now ready to go. I'm still waiting for all the big hardware to arrive over here.

as of today, the I2C library is 100% implemented in the code, thus, making the 20x4 LCD look very nice :slight_smile:

the electronic part of the project is under 50$ ( on ebay for sure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

the price of all the hardware is yet to come but should be around 400$ or so (including 2 vessels (one of which is isolated), pumps, valves, tap, tubing, and misc hardware)

we are very far from commercial beer, this is real stuff, real grain beer...... with that project, you can save your own parameters for you to have the same beer taste over and over again...... i mean YOUR FAVORITE ONE !

for those of you who are scared of any part of building this project, please don't ! it's very easy

I will soon post some relevant stuff on how to

believe it or not, the whole project stands on a pro-mini 328P @ 3$ :stuck_out_tongue:

from this time on, please read and comment

thank you for reading


Hey man,
Any improvement?
I´m working to get this done, but so far trying to use a LCD instead serial to control it.
lots of work ahead...

hi !

sorry for the late reply.....

yeah dude i'm now a the end of it, the code is ready for a first release, i will post it those next few days

have a nice day

hi again !

sorry to tell you that the pro-mini is no longer able to withstand so many variables, so i was forced to migrate on a mega 2560

have a nice day

hi !

here is the version 3.71

fully implemented with the Mega2560, I2C library (20x4 lcd), almost ready to deal with freedomotic, batch auto increment, tons of improuvements

feel free to direct contact me or via this forum if any help is required.

i am now working on the power part of the project.

it’s not completed yet, but on it’s way

this as been coded without any permissions so please be indulgent, i was unable to get in touch with any of the original coders, so i did my best to do it as of my knowledge of newbie coder.

HABS_371_mega.zip (15.1 KB)

hi !

please don't get mad at me the code is not quite over yet

please don't be afraid to give it a try, it's so simple

soon i will post some relevant information related to the project...........

keep on downloading guys........ :slight_smile:

hi !

here i am again :slight_smile:

everything is almost hooked up, vessels, pumps, valves, control and power box....... first test were 100% functionnal, minor electronic bugs fixed.

i will soon post the last version of it along with some pictures

hi !

here is release 3.74 :slight_smile:

don’t hesitate to comment


HABS_374_mega.zip (15.9 KB)

Any pictures od system?

If u are using 2560, why dont u switch to 3.2" or bigger touch panel? Way more efficient.

Anyway to make this code work on a uno with i2c 20 x 4 lcd?

What 'liquidcrystal_i2c' library is being used? Every version I try gives be errors when I try to compile.

hi !

here i am again

i just read you comments, thank you very much.

i will follow up soon, i will also post libraries and updated code for this HABS project.

as of today, release 5.14 is stable and brewing wild !

sorry for my late reply