Hack a PH-meter?

The Atlas Scientific PH kit is quite pricy, I mean I can get 5 stand alone Ph-meters cheaper than the Atlas Scientific PH kit + probe.

Ph circuit @ $28
Ph-probe/sensor @ $10-60 (Depending on quality)
Arduino @ $15

Building it this way will set you back atleast $60 + the work you put in to it.

Do you think it would be possible to use an external PH-meter and “hook in to it”? Perhaps hack in to the LCD of the PH-meter or hook up to an IC and steel the values in to the Arduino?

I read an instructable about hacking in to the “Kill-A-Watt” meter, a Ph-meter should be possible to hack also?

Tips please!

You most likely can, but it depends on the manufacturers implementation. There is a thread in the Science and Measurement section. As another option I make I2C interfaces that are a bit cheaper than atlas' units, and can point you towards much more economical probes. Atlas way overcharges for their probes, just look on Alibaba you will see their probes for ~10 a piece. A little pH tutorial http://www.sparkyswidgets.com/portfolio-item/ph-probe-interface/ and my I2C interfaces http://www.sparkyswidgets.com/portfolio-item/miniph-i2c-ph-interface/

Thanks for the tips and links! I will experiment a bit with a Ph-meter and read the links you gave me, thanks!

Will post if I find a way but I still love to get more opinions.