Hack a stereo amp for VLF operation

Is it possible/easy to hack a cheap stereo amp so that it will operate down to DC?

I would like to be able to generate a sine wave, at frequency from 0 to a couple hundred Hz, and drive at least 500mA. If there is some way to hack a stereo amp to be able to go this low in frequency, then it would work, but I don't know if you can just remove the output coupling capacitors or if it's more complicated than that.

Do you mean specific amplifier? In general, almost any power amplifier I've seen are DC , you only have to remove cap at input , but check bias voltage first before you connect to source. Output cap usually presents if single power used, low/middle power range. Probably you can open it up and read a printing on IC?

Hi, audio amplifiers are designed to have a lower cut off at about 20hz. So your idea of hacking a 'cheap amp' would be difficult. It sounds like what you need is an instrumentation amp.