HackHD not recording!

I received my hackHD in the mail and have been playing with it...I can get it to record a few seconds but does not record any longer...and it had some white lines in it... I tried formating the 8GB class4 card and not it don't record at all!! :-( what is wrong? I have everything hooked up just like the paper says that came with the camera!! :-(


Which is a what?

Why did you buy something that doesn't have a support forum?

what I am asking is...Do you think it could be something with the microSD card?

What are you talking about?

[quote author=James C4S link=topic=139095.msg1044701#msg1044701 date=1356498893] What are you talking about? [/quote]

Maybe one of these? https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11418


Try here: http://www.hackhd.com/forum.html

Oops, they closed their forum, probably too many defects - It doesn't seem like the company has much knowledge about the product...

After all their Warranty policy is NO warranty. You got a broken product, your problem :-/

// Per.