Hacking a bottle cap humidifier

Hi there,

I have this bottle cap humidifier that I am trying to trigger on and off with my arduino uno.

It runs on 5V so i assume that the arduino would be able to power it.
I've cut the micro usb to see which one is live and ground, the blue is ground the white is 5v.
I've tried to attach it to the ground and 5v of the arduino but it won't run. Any help would be much appreciated.


How much current did the unit require before you cut the cable? USB can provide more current, much more current, than an Arduino pin and possibly the arduino regulator. Without knowing the answer to step 1, we can't suggest what step 2 is.

I believe that this topic has been done. a search of the archives (magnifying glass upper right) might reveal answers.

as for OHM's LAW

power is not resistance, nor it is voltage nor is it amps.

just because you have 5 volts does not mean the 3 AAA batteries can supply enough power.

You should NEVER use a logic pin to supply power. it is a signal pin.
it might be the #1 thing on the list of how to destroy your Arduino.

a simple transistor or FET can be used to allow the Ardino to control power to your device.


so, you did something, and it did not work.... maybe you might want to draw a sketch or take a picture ?
you used the word 'it' a few times. as a pronoun, the word 'it' is used in place of a noun.

can I assume you cut it and then connected it to the thing that it had to connect to. you used it and tried to turn it on, but it did not work so you looked at it and it seemed to be working so you looked at it and found it was not working.......

I do not mean to poke fun or mock, but in order to convey information, we only have words, and pronouns are not things that we can instantly understand.

did you cut the usb cable and to see the wire colors ?
did you cut the USB connector in your computer to get the colors ?
did you cut the humidifier to get the colors ?

the more detials you can offer the better we can answer.

I assume that if you google arduino FET you will get some schematics on how to connect an Arduino to an FET.
I also assume that by using an FET for that device, you will be able to get the humidifier to turn on and off with your arduino.