Hacking A Doll

Hi All,
Looking to make a gift for a 1 year old girl. Basically a doll that “talks”.
I plan on usiing an Arduino with a Wave shield and a speaker along with an FSRhttp://www.adafruit.com/products/166. I plan on putting this in the hand of the doll, so that squeezing it would play a different phrase or song.
My question is, being a guy, I now nothing about dolls.
What stuffed doll is good for this? Where should I start looking without paying a lot (I’m on the East Coast of the US)?


I don't know about the doll, but have you considered how you will power your device?

It would have to run of some kind of (not so small) battery, which would have to be changeable.

Think safety here!!

Yes, I definitely need to think about small parts and safety. Someone saw another project I did and is asking me to do this. I'm not 100% sure I will actually do this.

It may not be much help but, I have walked through W.M. big box store and have seen dolls that talk when you squeeze their hand. You may get some ideas or find a doll that you could modify to do and say what you want it to.

If you took a doll that already talked, you could use the wiring and switch to the hand. Then, depending on what they use to play the messages, you might be able to adapt it for your purpose.


I would guess you could start with any doll that is a sturdy enough to survive. Ditto for the box with electronics, it should still work after being abused a lot. As ex-janitor on a school for kids aged 4-12 I noticed the lifetime of objects can be extremely short in the hands of the smallest kids, even stuff I'd have problems demolishing.

Sensors in limbs etc. could indeed be nice, but if an arm/head/leg is detachable with some force, shit will happen.

"vandal"-proof would be my keyword ;)