Hacking a LCD diplay

Hello everybody,

I collect from a dead GPS a LCD Display KD035G1-54NM-B1.

It is this one : The information is not available right now

I'd like to know if it's possible to connect it to my arduino board to print pictures?

On the main connecting, there are lot of connectings : 53. In the arduino there are not 53 I/O. So is it possible? Using the LCD display only in black and white could resolve the problem?

I have also a LCD Display collected from a LG KS360 mobile phone. Is it possible to use it with Arduino?

Thank you for your answers and sorry for my bad English.

Probably RGB video only, no datasheet I can find. Arduino can't drive video signals.

[actually having said that the Arduino Due might be able to perhaps?]

Web link you posted says VGA interface display, though I don't know what all the extra pins are for. I think Nick Gammon posted some code here a short time ago to display text on a VGA monitor.

Well there will be at least 26 for digital VGA for a start, HS/VS and 8 bits per colour. Then 4 supply voltages, possible Vcom and scan-direction control. And the touchscreen too.

Thank you for your answers.

And what about the TFT screen from de the LG KS360 mobile phone? Have I more chance than with the VGA?

Without a datasheet or other specs we have no information to go on.

Ok thank you for your answer. So I think I don't have no chance...

It's a pity, I wish to do something more interesting with my arduino board...

Do you know a good and cheap LCD Display that I can buy and use easily with my arduino board?

So I think I don't have no chance...

You do have a chance. It is just that without a datasheet, your chance of success is tiny.

Hi everybody there,
Sorry for answering so late, but i did not see the question before.

Is there a chance that the KS 360 Service Manual https://www.assembla.com/spaces/ks360/documents/dFdcVm9Imr3AIteJe5afGb/download/dFdcVm9Imr3AIteJe5afGb should contain any valuable information for you ?

Greetings from France.

have a look at the screen. can you find any partcodes on it? And i dont mean the ribbon cable designed for the phone :slight_smile: