Hacking a scale to log data with seeduino

Hi :slight_smile:
I have a project in which I am reading data from many sensors to a Seeeduino Lotus v1.1 and uploading it to some excel sheet.
I would like to do that also with a high percision weight scale (I need percision of 0.01 grams). All the guides I saw on the net use apart from the scale another electronic feature - HX711 (or something similar). is this feature necessary for the amplifying of the signal or is it used only as an analog to digital converter?
I am asking becuase the seeduino already has the converter built in.

examples of guides:


Scale sensors require both an amplifier and an analog to digital converter.

...a high percision weight scale (I need percision of 0.01 grams)...

What maximum weight do you need to weigh?
How accurate do you need your system to be?

Rather than hacking a scale, it would be much easier and faster (though less fun) to reliably get the desired precision and accuracy if you buy a scale with an RS232 or other easy-to-connect-to-Arduino interface.

Something like this 2kgx0.01g scale, for example. It's only 1,400 USD.

Or this 200gx0.01g scale, only 400 USD.

If you want to DIY, read this to get a feel for some of the challenges.