Hacking an Electric Candle with an RGB LED and an ATtiny85

In Sweden we celebrate Lucia as a bringer of light roughly two weeks before Christmas. This is usually done by a girl dressing up in all white wearing a crown of candles and walking in a procession with her maidens, also wearing white and holding candles.

To child proof this event it's quite common to use a electric candle. However since these electric candles haven't seen any product development in the last 30 years or so they still use a glass bulb, which of course can handle up to 1 drop before shattering.

I decided to make my daughter's electric candle a little more child proof and a little more realistic. Read the entire story here + photos and video: Home of the generic nerd: Child proofing an electric candle and making it flicker

Or just look at the photos below:

Typical Swedish electric candle.

Circuit, made a little mistake here by calculating the resistors according to 5V and not 4.5 as the batteries will give.

The circuit on perfboard small enough to fit inside the candle body.

Connecting the Candle's existing power connectors.

Quick and dirty battery pack hack.

Finished Candle.