Hacking horus-fw.ino file for Ciclop 3d scanner

I'm following a turorial and building my ciclop 3d laser scanner with arduino, the tutorial says to get the horus-fw.ino available here GitHub - bqlabs/horus-fw: Horus firmware for 3D Scanner Ciclop, but the horus-fw.ino file shows only this:

/* /
Hack file to use Arduino IDE /

What does he mean by that, how do i "hack" the file? which file?
I'm kind of a noob on this, searched all internet and i'm still confused, thanks for helping

Seems not yet ready.

The code is ready (at least it compiles okay for me).
You download/clone the git repository and ensure the folder name matches the .ino file (without the .ino on the end), in this example the folder will be called 'horus-fw'.
Open the horus-fw.ino file in the IDE and it will also load the other files in the folder into tabs.
You can now compile and upload the sketch.

The /* Hack file to use Arduino IDE */ comment is because the Arduino IDE expects a .ino file but it is not used here because one of the other files in the folder is called main.c and this will be the entry point to the program.