hacking LED display with Arduino

This lovely LED display salvaged from an old treadmil…the LED matrix seems to feed from 74HC573 and 74HC541
Can we without ripping the IC and LED matrix feed a signal to 74HC573 so that can bring the LED square matrix back to life ? like a spectrum audio anaylzer; or scrolling message ?

74HC541 (Octal buffer/line driver; 3-state): Set the two OE pins LOW and the eight inputs show up at the eight outputs.
74HC573 (Octal latch, 3-state): Set the OE pin LOW and toggle the LE pin to latch the 8 input pins.

I think one way is to feed both sets of input with one set of 8 output pins.

For each row:
Set the OE pins high.
Put the latch data on the output pins.
Latch the 74HC573.
Put the buffer data on the output pins.
Set the OE pins LOW to turn on all the drivers.
Pause a few milliseconds (as many as possible without

Thanks; I will sketch your advice on a paper and then do it…thanks indeed