Hacking the Arduino Wifi Shield

Hi everyone!

I'm thinking of combining the Arduino Pro mini + Arduino WiFi Shield + the nRF24L01+ breakout board into a single PCB in order to create a listening hub for various items in my house. The nRF24L01+ is a simple radio module that can connect to lots of electronics cheaply, and with the hub I can send all that data to my web server.

I've checked out the WiFi Eagle Files, and it seems rather straightforward to add on the arduino pro and breaking out the nRF24L01+ breakout pins on the board. Any tips for guidance? Will I be able to upload the firmware files for the WiFi shield easily?

Also, I saw that there was a "green wire" fix on the original release of the board. I didn't see the change on the EAGLE files, does anyone know what the latest version is?

Thanks so much for your help in advance!



I’m not sure about the firmware side of things, but have you seen Fritzing? Quite a useful way to design a new PCB…

Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm actually going to use EAGLE PCB software to put it together. Those are the default pcb files that come with Arduino hardware.