Hacking the serial monitor to work at 31250 baud

Is this possible? It sure would make debugging easier...

debugging of what?

debugging of what?

Everything. But my serial comm is used to output midi, (UNO being used in this project).
I found a work around by temporarily using one button to toggle the serial speed. But if 31250 was an option in the arduino IDE monitor on my MacBook that'd be great!

It sure would make debugging easier...

Not for the 99.99% of people who don't have to debug MIDI :slight_smile:

Just download one of the free terminal programs, I haven't tried that baud rate but I would think they will handle it.


RS232 Monitor from EVMSoft does not do 31250.

Can you use software serial for Midi?

I know it's an old topic, but I landed here from a google search so others might as well.

I found a solution using PuTTY

It's not optimal because you have to close it each time you want to upload a new image but you can save a preset and double click to open it right away. I've also added a normally-closed switch which I hold while uploading, as the loading of TX/RX would distort program uploading.

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