Hairless midi alternative?

Hi! So I'm watching this arduino midi tutorial video(#3 Build a MIDI controller with an Arduino: The DIY MIDI Controller Workshop 2.0 - YouTube) and I found out that "hairless midi" isn't available anymore in Big Sur. Are there any alternatives of this application?

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Maybe here ?
But hairless midi is quite old. It would be better to use a leonardo instead of an UNO and use the midi library. Than the leonardo connects as midi device to the pc, and hairless midi ist not necessary anymore.

Thank you so much! I already bought a nano 33 BLE. Would that also be okay?

I never used a nano 33 BLE. So I cannot tell if it can be used as a midi device. It should be possible, because USB is native to the processor. But you need a suitable midi library.

Last time I checked, it wasn't supported by the official MIDIUSB library, but the Control Surface library I maintain does support it, see Control Surface: MIDI Tutorial

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