Hairless Serial to Midi bridge wont work after pc restart?

Hello, I am using a pro micro to use as a macro keyboard, but i also have two rotary encoders and a potentiometer for midi control. I have gotten everything to work, I use hairless Serial to midi software, but when either I restart my pc or reset the arduino, i lose my midi control. Hairless doesn't detect any serial input. It is only when I open the arduino IDE and open the serial monitor that hairless begins to work again. Can anyone help, or is this something I have to always do every time I turn my pc/arduino on?

It is also worthy to mention that when the bridge in Hairless is on (a check mark), i cannot open the serial monitor since the port is busy as the IDE tells me, which means that the COM port is being used. Im not sure why hairless doesnt detect any serial input.

The Pro Micro can do native Midi over USB. You could eliminate Hairless here.

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