Half bridge driver: capable of driving p and n FET?

Hi everyone!

I intend to build a variable frequency 12VDC-230VAC power inverter using a H-bridge, generating a sine wave with 50+-5Hz. I already made a version with a center-tapped transformer, but i think a bridge configuration would be better. I need the thing to drive a single phase synchronous motor with 40W from a car battery. The 40W are just a guess; never measured. But it cant be much. The motor is used to drive a telescope mount. Is the H-bridge worth the effort in contrast to a center-tapped transformer version? I might one day replace the motor by a stepper motor. Then i would need the H-bridge...

I thought of putting p-FETS IRF5305 on the high side and IRLZ34N on the low side. The problem is the shoot-through current when switching in common gate configuration (31kHz PWM). In order to get rid of that i need one driver on each side of the bridge. The only drivers i can order easily are those:

Other suggestions that i can order from Germany without high shipping costs are welcome. Shouldnt be that hard, but i found none.

First: I know not much about drivers. Are they in any way close to my needs? The drivers are designed for bootstrap configuration with n-FETS on the high side. Is it possible to use them to drive p-FETS on the high side without the capacitor and diode? How would that configuration look like? I have more IRLZ34N, so i could replace the p-FETS with them in order to build the suggested bootstrapped configuration. But then i dont know how large the bootstrap capacitors have to be and which diodes i have to use. The following document should contain the answer, but i cant figure it out. Look at pages 5 and 6.

Specifications of the FETS:


If i forgot to specify something, let me know.

Thank you!