Half Loop when loop runs


I wonder if this type of loop is possible?

What exactly are you trying to do ?

Please describe your problem and not your possible solution.

Hello there. I'm trying to write a loop. After the program starts, the loops that control the different buttons with the loops are turned into a loop that extinguishes the leds. but after a while, this loop will return to the beginning and start running other LEDs and buttons at the same time.

Sorry but I am still none the wiser.

Have you already written code that does part of what you want ?
If so, then please post it and describe exactly where you are stuck

I suspect what you want to do is very simple to achieve, but you are not describing the project you are trying to implement so it is very hard to offer useful advice.

Maybe have a look at Planning and Implementing a Program


You mean like,

If ( x == 1 ) goto loop;

I write a flow chart.
the main loop will continue to be looped from the beginning again.

I write a flow chart.

Two or three lines of text to describe your project would be far more helpful.


Do you understand about state machines and how to code them?