hall effect acs712 dead?

I searched the web for help, but I must be using the wrong criteria, did not find anything. Thanks for any advice you can provide.

I think I fried my ACS712 sensor. The current connection is open circuit, I can not run any device through the ACS712. The vcc still outputs a value of 509/510, and there was no damage to the Arduino.

The ACS712 is rated 30amp, I connected it to a dc generator rated 24 volt, 500 watt, 2600 rpm powered by bicycle pedals. I have measured voltage 0 to 30V. I connected two 12 volt 50Watt bulbs with additional 4 bulbs switched (total of 300 watt load). The purpose is to measure human power output, expecting up to 300 watts of output.

Please confirm that open circuit is indication of failed sensor.
Please help size the hall effect sensor for this application.


oh, I think I see a problem. The sensor sent me has a 5 stamped on it, I think they shipped a 5amp when I ordered a 30amp sensor. Going back to the supplier, but answer to my questions will be appreciated:

is open circuit a failed sensor?
how do I size the sensor for this application?

Nope, I see now printed in tiny tiny characters on the IC, 30Amp, so I was shipped the correct current sensor.