hall effect current sensor

i am using wcs1600 current hall effect sensor to measure ac motor current. in hall effect sensor the out put voltage is also ac. how to connect to ardino adc pin. if i convert to dc using diode the output is not leaner to the input current. it is possible to convert the ac voltage to dc with ardino coding if so please send me the sample coding are any other solution.

No, the device does not output a AC output measurement voltage. It always outputs a DC voltage that represents the current value of the primary circuit. DC output voltage is stated to be 1/2 of the DC voltage that is powering the device, so if powering the chip with +5vdc, it's output would be +2.5vdc when the input current is a zero current. The value will increase from +2.5vdc to +5vdc as the input current increases in a positive value, and from +2.5vdc down to 0vdc as the input current increases in negaitive value. the graph chart in that posted product sheet shows the relationship of input current Vs DC output measurement voltages.