Hall effect sensor 0-5v read out

Sorry if this has been done 1000x, but I'm new and trying to learn. I've watched every Youtube video I can find and tried to search without luck. Anyway, my project should be basic: Use a hall effect sensor with a LCD or 7 Segment to read out the voltage from 0-5v depending on the position of the magnet (moving closer and further from the sensor).

Can anyone please point me in the right direction? I've played around with some projects using magnets and LEDs, but it's gets so complicated so fast that I'm a little overwhelmed!

There are dozens of different HESs, can you post a part # or datasheet link?

I actually got the code sorted. I'm trying to find the appropriate HES to use. I'm just going to use the serial print function to readout on my pc.

If you are looking for a Hall effect sensor, be aware that many are digital only output (0 or 5V). If I understand what you want to do, you will want to make sure that the sensor has an analog output.

edgemoron: There are dozens of different HESs, can you post a part # or datasheet link?

You will need to shop for a Hall Effect sensor with a LINEAR output. I don't recall what the digital ones are called but they are HIGH with no magnetic field and LOW with the South side of the magnet nearest the sensor.

Some time back I used a linear HE sensor and scanned a magnetic sign. (this was a large one about 14" x 10" like you would put on a Car or Truck

Scanning across the surface yielded a nice sine wave. This was not a graphic image but a series of digital data points,

Thank you for the info! Do you know what the proper terminology is for one that is LOW with no magnetic field?

Google "linear hall effect sensors". And look at this: HallEffect

Thank you guys so much! You have been so helpful. Going to order some supplies and keep working on it.

Thanks again!