Hall effect sensor (Arduino to processing)


I am new to Arduino.

I am working on a project using hall effect sensors to trigger a processing sketch. I am having trouble figuring out the correct syntax for void draw(). I am able to get a processing sketch to show up but when I run the code but I am not able to get each hall sensor to trigger its own sketch.

I have posted the code below.

Thank you in advance for helping me.

import processing.serial.;
import cc.arduino.
int sensorPin = 2;
int sensorPin2 = 3;
int sensorPin3 = 4;
int sensorPin4 = 5;
int sensorPin5 = 6;
int sensorPin6 = 7;
int sensorPin7 = 8;
int sensorPin8 = 9;
int sensorPin9 = 10;
int sensorPin10 = 11;

//boolean digitalRead;

PImage WSP;
PImage APT;
PImage BET;
PImage DIRT;
PImage HOME;
PImage ST;
PImage SAD;
PImage TNS;
PImage SEX;

//call arduino
Arduino arduino;
Serial myPort;
int val;

void setup(){
//myPort = new Serial(this, "/dev/cu.usbmodem1421", 9600);
arduino = new Arduino(this,Arduino.list()[3], 57600);
arduino.pinMode(sensorPin, Arduino.OUTPUT);
arduino.pinMode(sensorPin2, Arduino.OUTPUT);
arduino.pinMode(sensorPin3, Arduino.OUTPUT);
arduino.pinMode(sensorPin4, Arduino.OUTPUT);
arduino.pinMode(sensorPin5, Arduino.OUTPUT);
arduino.pinMode(sensorPin6, Arduino.OUTPUT);
arduino.pinMode(sensorPin7, Arduino.OUTPUT);
arduino.pinMode(sensorPin8, Arduino.OUTPUT);
arduino.pinMode(sensorPin9, Arduino.OUTPUT);
arduino.pinMode(sensorPin10, Arduino.OUTPUT);

WSP = loadImage("WSP.jpg");
APT = loadImage("APT.jpg");
BET = loadImage("BET.jpg");
CHANGE = loadImage("CHANGE.jpg");
DIRT = loadImage("DIRT.jpg");
HOME = loadImage("HOME.jpg");
ST = loadImage("ST.jpg");
SAD = loadImage("SAD.jpg");
TNS = loadImage("TNS.jpg");
SEX = loadImage("SEX.jpg");

void draw(){
if(arduino.digitalRead(sensorPin10) == Arduino.HIGH){
image(WSP, width/2-320, height/2-180, 760, 500);
if(arduino.digitalRead(sensorPin2) == Arduino.HIGH){
image(APT, width/2-320, height/2-180, 760, 500);

but when I run the code but I am not able to get each hall sensor to trigger its own sketch.

In the same way that the Arduino can only run ONE sketch at a time, Processing can only run ONE sketch at a time. So, you're screwed from the get-go.

Triggering different behavior in the same sketch is a completely different story and IS possible.

Once you've displayed an image, you never erase it, so your Processing sketch makes no sense.