Hall Effect Sensor not working long distances

Hi guys, i just finished my arduino homing sensor with stepper motor using the guides on youtube. When I was prototyping everything was fine until I tried running my hall effect sensor 210 inches each wire for ground wire, 5v, and the signal.

My hall effect sensor would always input 0 which is low on my arduino even though the magnet still doesn’t come in close proximity with the sensor, while using the long 210 inches wire.

The fix I did was just shorten the wire to 36 inches.

Anyone know whats the cause of this? Or is there any way I can make it work with the 210 inches wire. I even put a dedicated 5v 4A power supply for the sensor and it didn’t even work. I thought that with a stronger power supply the sensor can send signals over long distances but it failed, any advice I appreciate it very much, I am new in arduino thank you!

Resistance of the wire that reduces the voltage at a guess

Have you heard of Ohms law ?

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Add stabilizing caps to the sensor power pins.

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Do you have a DMM?

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Thanks for your suggestion, so that means can I power the sensor using 12v power supply as long as when I test it on the sensor side it outputs 5v? Thank you! Its just weird that when I wire alternating current outlets 220v it doesn’t drop to around 200v even in slightly long runs.

Thank you, I will check it later, it took me two days to figure out the problem was in the length of wire.