Hall Effect Sensor Trigger + POV

I'm working on a POV project, and I'm using a digital HES w/ a magnet. In the code I have it set as an interrupt on the falling edge, which triggers on initial contact of the magnet. I'm running into the issue of the image jittering around a little big. It seems to within a small window. Sometimes it'll stay put for a bit, then it'll start to drift, then jitter a little. Rinse repeat.

I did a print out of HES output as it crosses the magnet and it seems to have a decent sized window. I know the HES I'm using is high sensitivity (a possible issue I know), and it probably doesn't help that it's a digital output rather than an analog. My 2nd revision is going to be an analog so then I could pick the peak signal as the trigger for the "home" position.

Any ideas or recommendations (Besides buying an analog)? The only thing I can think of at this point is to A) use a smaller magnet (would have to order one) or B) back the magnet away to narrow the field that the HES would pick up on.

I can only think that an analogue sensor would not be as good because of the longer time it takes to read.
Try adjusting the distance of sensor and magnet it could be too close.

I tried backing the magnet. I still get some jitter and drift. I guess next this is to try the analog.