Hall effect sensor

Hello everyone, I apologize in advance for my mediocre English ( I am French) So I come to ask for your help for a project that I want to do personally, I want to count impulses with my hall effect sensor. I will explain, I will do this with my bike where I will hang magnets on the rays, in the idea i would make a programe that would allow me to do a counting of these impulses and to be able to convert them into km/.

I don't ask you to do everything for me but to help me at the beginning at least because I have little knowledge about the Arduino language. My hardware is an Arduino board and a sensor hall effect.

Thank you in advance to those who will take the time to help me.

Please try using Google. There are many examples of this project whether for speed Calc for bicycles or RPM for machines. Or you can buy ones already built and works for less than $10

Hi Frat.

I've made a speedometer for my car based on Hall effect sensor and a Nano. I display the speed on a 7-segment LED display and sound a buzzer to warn of overspeed. It works very well.

I suggest you view all the video tutorials on the subject. I doubt you will find an example that precisely meets your needs. You will need to learn Arduino programming. There are different ways to respond to the Hall sensor input. I first tried using an interrupt but this was too tricky. I now just poll the pin to see if it high. There is function to detect a rising signal and that might be the best approach but I haven't yet used it.

I measure the time between two wheel clicks and using the wheel circumference to calculate the speed. I calibrate mine by adjusting the circumference value till I get a good match with the car's speedo. I don't know how you would calibrate yours.

Mine is powered from a cigarette lighter/USB adaptor. You will need a battery.

I use a magnet from a door latch for a kitchen cupboard.

You MUST have a method of bench testing your apparatus and program before a road test. I programmed a second Arduino to generate a digital signal to simulate the HE sensor. I used a potentiometer to vary the signal frequency.

Good luck.